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What our readers say

‘All human artefacts and institutions deserve respect for outlasting the centuries. The Rosetta Stone, the Hereford Mappa Mundi,
The Spectator.’

Ian McEwan

‘I disagree with most of the articles in The Spectator at the moment... which is why I read it.’

Professor Brian Cox

‘At once in bed with Britain’s conservative establishment and willing to yank the covers off it’

The New York Times

‘If you do not read The Spectator then you do not fully understand politics in Britain.’

Niall Ferguson, author and historian

‘Against this tsunami of hysteria and fear, thank God for The Spectator, for keeping alive freedom of speech and putting forward an alternative.’

Bob Seely MP

‘Over just the past few months, there has been an opening up of debate that has moved from The Spectator into mainstream media.’

Steve Baker MP

‘We are all indebted to The Spectator for its data hub, which shows how data has worked out against models.’

Miriam Cates MP